Government is a serious business, but too often it isn’t treated that way by some people sent to Beacon Hill on our behalf. As a member of the Sandwich School Committee, I have had a front-row seat on how crucial the role local aid plays in a town’s ability to provide essential services to their citizens. As the middle class faces more and more demands upon its resources, it is imperative that those elected to represent our interests devote their time and energy focusing on providing the resources necessary for our schools, our first responders, our seniors, and our veterans. I want to lead that fight for the people of the 5th Barnstable District.  

I am grateful that you take your responsibility as a voter seriously. If you agree with me that we need serious leadership on Beacon Hill that understands your concerns, shares your aspirations and simply wants their elected officials to focus on practical, everyday solutions that secure our future, then please follow my campaign here or simply let us know any question you have for me. It would be great to hear from you. 

Meet Jim Dever

Jim Dever is a Labor attorney representing police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, and healthcare workers.  He is a proud member of the NAGE union.

Our campaign is positioned to bring our voices to Beacon Hill when it comes to public education. Why? We’ve already done it in Sandwich. Almost six years ago you elected me to represent a voice on the Sandwich School Committee. It was a public school system in disarray. There was a rotating door of superintendents, confusion over our school’s direction and disharmony on the school committee. Six years later, none of that exists. Sandwich Public Schools is led by Dr. Pamela Gould and will be for the next five years. The school system reconfiguration we approved in a 4-3 vote five years ago is proving to be more successful than we had hoped. As members we still disagree, but post meeting team bonding has assured we are never disagreeable.


Professional Experience


Elected Official

Jim and Bethany Dever live in Sandwich with their twins Brianna and Shamus.

Jim represents tens of thousands of working men and women in his role as an attorney for the National Association of Government Employees.

  • Union College: BA, U.S History
  • Suffolk University Law School: JD, Contract Law

Jim has served on the Sandwich School Committee since 2014.

Proud to be endorsed by:

The Fifth Barnstable District

I am running to succeed Randy Hunt in representing the communities of Sandwich, Bourne, Barnstable and Plymouth in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

The district includes the entirety of the Town of Sandwich, Precincts 1, 2, & 7 in Bourne, Precincts 11 & 12 in Barnstable, and Precinct 9 in Plymouth. If you’re unsure of which district you live in, click here to check.

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Checks, made payable to the Dever Committee, can be mailed to PO Box 15 Boston MA 02137.

My Priorities on Beacon Hill:

On Beacon Hill, I will be fighting for the issues that matter to the people of the Fifth Barnstable – these issues include protecting our environment, fighting for our first responders and front line workers, protecting seniors and vulnerable populations, and ensuring that our municipalities are getting adequate funding from the Commonwealth. The taxpayers of our district already pay enough in taxes. What we are interested in is getting more of a return on our taxes, and less wasteful spending.

The Environment

First Responders



"The 5th Barnstable District, Cape Cod, and the Commonwealth as a whole face a myriad of issues - the very issues that I have been working on for decades."

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