Having served as a member of the Sandwich School Committee, I had a front-row seat on how crucial the role local aid plays in a town’s ability to provide essential services to their citizens. As the middle class faces more and more demands upon its resources, it is imperative that those elected to represent our interests devote their time and energy focusing on providing the resources necessary for our schools, our first responders, our seniors, and our veterans. I want to lead that fight for the people of the 5th Barnstable District.

I am grateful that you take your responsibility as a voter seriously. If you agree with me that we need serious leadership on Beacon Hill that understands your concerns, shares your aspirations and simply wants their elected officials to focus on practical, everyday solutions that secure our future, then please follow my campaign here or simply let us know any question you have for me. It would be great to hear from you.

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My Priorities On Beacon Hill

On Beacon Hill, I will be fighting for the issues that matter to the people of the Fifth Barnstable – these issues include protecting our environment, fighting for our first responders and front line workers, protecting seniors and vulnerable populations, and ensuring that our municipalities are getting adequate funding from the Commonwealth. The taxpayers of our district already pay enough in taxes. What we are interested in is getting more of a return on our taxes, and less wasteful spending.

Advocating For Public Education

I know how critically important education is. In addition to my personal passion for education, as a father and a six year veteran of the Sandwich School Committee, I am a champion for education. Due to the pandemic and its cost, fighting for education dollars on Beacon Hill will be all encompassing -- and I am the guy for that job. Will the resources promised under the Student Opportunity Act still be there when needed? Charter school reimbursement, plus monies for transportation and special education are essential and I’ll make sure promises of aid are kept. Additionally, reforming the education funding formula is a legislative goal I look forward to dig in on. The schools will need more resources in order to respond to the growing public health issues and the growing social issues. I will not ignore the issues of our schools. I will be a voice for our kids and our families.

Bringing State Funds Back To Our District

An important part of the job of State Representative is to work on the Commonwealth’s budget and make sure the needs of our district are not overlooked. They must be prepared to fight for funding. It’s what I’ve done as a labor lawyer and school committee member. My funding priorities will always be focused on what is needed to help the people of Sandwich, Bourne, Plymouth and Barnstable. I am in the strong position to be a fighter for the resources we need. Being a part of the majority party will be an asset. We can no longer afford to sit at the kids table on Beacon Hill, especially given the financial toll 2020 has taken on our state and towns.

Keeping Our Families Healthy

We can see in our world the growing need for more attention and more resources for public health. The emerging issue of public health resources in our communities is on my radar. I look forward to responding to the growing need for policy in this area. Public Health is critical to all of us and we can see the ripple effect it has on virtually every part of our life – including the economy. Whether it is related to the pandemic and all we have learned about an outbreak, or finding ways to respond to the addiction crisis, public health needed are front and center. I want the people of Sandwich, Bourne, Plymouth and Barnstable to thrive and be healthy. I am committed to doing all I can as a legislator to make it happen.

Helping Our Seniors Thrive

Our older citizens represent a large part of our community, whose ranks happily are growing. We must take their needs into account as they are vital to our communities and our economy. Seniors are informed, active – and they deserve respect and services. I believe in communities that do not pit one group against another, rather we work together to find ways to improve services. I want to represent our senior population and serve them with a listening heart and ready reserve of hopeful solutions to their needs. The respect I have for our seniors is inspired by my own walk in life and the gratitude I have for my parents and the generations who have gone before me.

Protecting Our Fragile Environment

Cape Cod and the South Shore are uniquely beautiful areas. Our coastal environment provides year-round wonder to those of us who live here – and drives tourism and our region’s economy. Coastal erosion and other environmental issues will be front and center in my legislative agenda. Our campaign has been endorsed by the Sierra Club. We can no longer overlook the need to bring new resources to our coastal communities. We must partner with the Federal Government to insure the environmental integrity of our region. There will be no better partner on the environment than our own Senator Ed Markey. Ed taught me early on about the dangers of climate change when I worked for him as a congressional aide. We both see a green economy as our region’s future. I will work hard to achieve comprehensive legislation that protects our environment for our, and future generations, while providing green jobs that grow our economy.

First Responders

I know how critically important first responders are to our citizens. It is an honor and privilege to serve as a labor lawyer for, and be a dues paying member of, a union representing the brave women and men on the front lines of public safety. I have experience on both sides of the bargaining table. I’ve negotiated on behalf of public employees as labor counsel. I also kept an eye on the bottom line as a six year Sandwich School Committee member. I know how delicate maintaining balance in resource management is when it comes to our community needs. I will bring to Beacon Hill a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the budget process. My goal will always be to obtain what is best for our towns, especially where our first responders are concerned and to constantly work to improve public safety.

"The 5th Barnstable District, Cape Cod, and the Commonwealth as a whole face a myriad of issues - the very issues that I have been working on for decades."

Candidate for State Representative

Meet Jim

Jim Dever is a Labor attorney representing police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, and healthcare workers. He is a proud member of the NAGE union.

Our campaign is positioned to bring our voices to Beacon Hill when it comes to public education. Why? We’ve already done it in Sandwich. In 2014, you elected me to represent your voice on the Sandwich School Committee, where I proudly served until this past May. It was a public school system in disarray. There was a rotating door of superintendents, confusion over our school’s direction and disharmony on the school committee. Six years later, none of that exists. Sandwich Public Schools is led by Dr. Pamela Gould and will be for the next five years. The school system reconfiguration we approved in a 4-3 vote five years ago is proving to be more successful than we had hoped. As members we still disagree, but post meeting team bonding has assured we are never disagreeable.


Jim and Bethany Dever live in Sandwich with their twins Brianna and Shamus.

Professional Experience

Jim represents tens of thousands of working men and women in his role as an attorney for the National Association of Government Employees.


Union College: B.A., U.S History
Suffolk University Law School: J.D., Contract Law

Elected Official

Jim served on the Sandwich School Committee from 2014-2020

The 5th Barnstable District

Jim is running to succeed Randy Hunt in representing the communities of Sandwich, Bourne, Barnstable and Plymouth in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

The district includes the entirety of the Town of Sandwich, Precincts 1, 2, & 7 in Bourne, Precincts 11 & 12 in Barnstable, and Precinct 9 in Plymouth. If you’re unsure of which district you live in, click here to check.


The Sierra Club of Massachusetts

Massachusetts AFL-CIO

Massachusetts Teachers Association

National Association of Government Employees (NAGE)

Mass Nurses Association

SEIU Local 888

International Association of EMTs & Paramedics

International Brotherhood of Police & Correctional Officers


SEIU Local 1199

Northern New England Labor Council

Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers & Scientists


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